Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Twitter Followers - Quality or Quantity?

I am sometimes disappointed when I see messages like " Just noticed we're on 995 followers. Can we break thru the barrier?" that was posted on behalf of a government organisation that I admire this morning.  Another Australian cultural institution this morning tweeted "Hip hip hooray for our 1000th (don't try to say that out loud) follower." Another Australian organisation recently gave a prize to thier 1000th follower.

I realise that these places see Twitter as a marketing tool, and it is a valuable one, but who are they trying to reach? Everyone or those who are likely to benefit from their services via the information they post on Twitter?

I just wonder how adding more users like  Free Junk Car Removal Vcitoria Bc) or ♥MyLipsSuxUDry♥  will benefit these organisations. 

A lot of individuals who have twitter accounts also blow their trumpets when they reach milestone numbers of followers. I hope that all of my followers gain some value from my tweets but I sincerely doubt that some do and I cannot fathom why they follow me.

I get a real buzz when someone from the worlds of genealogy, education, technology or libraries follows me. When someone I respect from these fields or a family member follows it is cause for a happy dance. 

I have amongst my followers a Mobile Mechanic from New Zealand (I'm not floating my car across the Tasman for a service, The unofficial biggest Broncos fan (I detest Rugby League), Leonor Brockmann whose image is a pair of silicon enhanced mammary glands,   a price comparison service for hotels,    Deals from San Francisco and -
we have over 1,000 Egg Donors and Surrogates available now. I am flummoxed as to what value these tweeps would get from following me and, as I am not interested in them or their services, I certainly won't be following them. Perhaps they share some of my interests but I doubt it.

I could not and would not shout for joy if and when I reach 500 Twitter followers as some of them are definitely not members of my intended target group. 

I'll back Quality over Quantity any time.


Shelley Crawford said...

Hear hear! I couldn't agree more. I would rather have my modest number of followers, who mostly share an interest with me, than 1,000 followers who mostly wanted to sell me something!

Tanya Honey said...

I agree too. I am much more interested in my (small number) of followers being those who share my interests or are close friends, rather than some completely random people trying to entice me to follow them - which I don't.

Here's to quality!


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