Saturday, March 12, 2011

Be careful what you do or it might come back to bite you on the b*m... something we often say in Australia.

A few weeks  ago I received an email from Ken Brock, when I looked at it I thought "I know that name".  The message contained in the email stunned me.For over twenty years of my working life I worked in school libraries around Sydney and for a time was a member of The Australian School Library Association (NSW). I served in various roles on the committee and as a NSW representative on the national body, I was the Association President in 2005. When I moved to working solely in Information Technology I resigned from the Association.

Ken's email came as a bolt from the blue it said:

"At the last meeting of the committee of ASLA (NSW) I asked the committee
to confer upon you the honour of Life Member of ASLA (NSW).

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that the committee approved
this honour unanimously.

The committee would be pleased if you could attend the award ceremony at
the State Library on Saturday 12th March 2011.

I would be very pleased if you accept the honour and can attend the
ceremony at the State Library."

Six years have passed since I have been active in the sphere of teacher librarianship and I have moved on to do different things. I was therefore thrilled to hear from ASLA (NSW) and responded that I would be delighted to accept the award.

Walking into the State Library today I was immediately enveloped in a cloak of friendship, I was greeted warmly with hugs and kisses from a number of people I had known from my time in the association. I  recalled what a wonderful and caring group of professionals teacher librarians are.After I received my certificate from President, Ken Brock, I said a few unprepared words. I hope that I did not appear flippant as I accepted this award that means so much to me.

This post is a bit off the topic of genealogy but today's event is one of the high spots in my life and I want to record it for the future,

Thank you most sincerely to the members, committee and President of ASLA (NSW) for according me this honour of being the eighth life member of the association. In accepting it I recognise that I have made an ongoing commitment to support the association and the profession. I will discuss the ways in which I might fulfil this responsibility with you.

The bite on the b*m was a welcome surprise.


crgalvin said...

Well done Jill, congratulations

Sandra said...


Tanya Honey said...

Congratulations Jill. You must have been, are, a wonderful librarian to have received such an award.

You have such passion and energy that it is no surprise your peers would want to recognise this.

Betty said...

Congratulations! What a lovely acknowledgement of your past achievements.

Shelley Crawford said...

Congratulations, what a wonderful surprise!

Infolass said...

Hearty congratulations Jill. Also love your new streamlined looking blog "look",

Sharon said...

Congratulations Jill. A well deserved honour. I remember the first time I met you when you came to Coffs and ran a Saturday workshop. Sorry I wasn't there to see you receive your award.

Kerry Gestier said...

It was GREAT to see you on saturday Jill - it was as if we'd only been talking yesterday instead of all those years ago. You were glowing - semi retirement must be the way to go. I was thrilled that asla nsw recognised your contribution with life membership - totally deserved! KerryG *^_^*


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