Friday, May 19, 2017

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 19 May 2017

It's dilemma time. This week has delivered a rich collection of blog posts to my RSS Feed. My issue is - do I add them all to this post or will I be selective?

I have decided to go down Ruthless Road. When I started this series of posts I planned to share 10-12 posts each week so, although I have read much of value this week, I will stick to my guns.. It would be easy to share a long list but I will go through what I have saved and select those Gems that shone most brightly for me.  

1. I have to start with Alex's rallying post which resonated with a large number of commenters.

2. Grave advice from Amy.

3. I always took our wireless for granted.

4. News of a valuable resource from Pauleen.

5. An admission from Alona.

6. I admire Shelly's patience and skill.

7. Sharon had a catchy headline.

8. Barb raises a grave issue.

9. Carmel generously shares her slides.

10. A geneajaunt for tweedheadsgirl.

11. He wanted to be first!

12. Facebook's plans.

PS I am always on the lookout for words for the geneadictionary like this one from Andrew.

I'm also excited to be presenting a blogging session at #congress_2018

1 comment:

Alex Daw said...

Dear Jill - thanks so much for sharing my post...sorry for the tardy acknowledgement. It's been a busy couple of weekends for me away from home and my keyboard - a 50th birthday do down in Sydney (not mine) the weekend before last and the Footsteps in Time conference on the Gold Coast last weekend. I look forward to participating in your latest meme = perhaps this weekend. And catching up on your other gems too.


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