Thursday, May 4, 2017

Superseded storage

The cleanup at our home,Welwel, is progressing quite nicely.

All of my genealogy files, folders, books and photos have been moved and are shelved in our new home.  Today finds me back in my old geneacave going through more stuff. I have spent the day going through my collection of portable hard drives that have capacities ranging from 80gig to 4tb. Before I toss the old bulky models I have been going through their contents to see if I have neglected to transfer any files (that I may never need) whenI have upgraded over the years. I am cleaning all files off the old drives and then Mr GeniAus will give them the hammer treatment.

On the left of the above image is one of my earlier models which stored 80gig with its power source and on the right is one of my two 4tb portable models. This portable black drive travels everywhere with me while its blue mate stays at home.

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John Sparrow said...

I keep a lot of my old USBs. I generally don't use USBs for storage, except one for passwords. The smaller volume USBs are good for transferring data - to a friend, to officeworks for printing, for bringing home genealogy images, etc.
My favourite is a 100Mb usb I took out of a commercial printer when I demolished it for the hell of it.


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