Tuesday, May 30, 2017

101 Reasons to Attend #congress_2018 - The Program

Wednesday was to be the day of the big reveal.

The program for #Congress_2018 was to be up on the website for all to see... but they jumped the gun and published it on Tuesday 30th May. Take a look here. The list of speakers is here and the keynotes here.  What is a challenge for we mere mortals is working out which presenter is giving which talk - no doubt this will be revealed shortly.

Although I have heard many of the speakers previously there is a large number of them including Judy G Russell and Paul Milner that I could listen to ad infinitum. I am thrilled to see some Irish experts on the agenda and particularly look forward to hearing the dynamic trio of Perry McIntyre, Richard Reid, and Liz Rushen. My mate Shauna Hicks has a couple of interesting new talks and I'm pleased to see DNA topics on the list. There's something for everyone.

Having perused the program I can see quite a few new (to me) names. I look forward to seeing and hearing what these folk have to say. There are a few blank spots on the program, I presume they are for representatives from places like The National Archives and Familysearch. Guess we'll just have to keep checking back in to the site for updates.

And I just heard that Rob Hamilton will be filling one of those empty spots with his "Freemasonry Records and the Genealogist" talk, a fascinating topic.

When I look at the list of presenters I am humbled that I made the cut. I am honoured to be included in the group.

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