Sunday, May 7, 2017

DNA Blogs

As I try to get serious about DNA I realise that, as well as keeping up with news that is shared via social media channels, I must read more in-depth articles.

I find a lot of helpful tidbits and interesting conversations in the few DNA groups I have joined on Facebook.I can read monographs and journals but I want to keep up with the latest findings. The best place to find more current detailed information and opinions are in the blogs written by leading genetic genealogists.

A search on the ISOGG wiki (another beaut resource) returns a long list of genetic genealogy blogs but which should a DNA beginner from downunder follow?

I have created a DNA folder in my RSS reader Inoreader. Listed in the image below are the blogs I am currently following.

Do you see any glaring omissions?


Kerryn Taylor said...

I'm also following many of those DNA blogs Jill. This area has been such a learning curve for me and I have been reading up so much that my brain hurts.
I also like Cate Pearce's Australian blog

GeniAus said...

Thanks Kerryn. It's there now.

Helen V Smith said...

Louise Coakley dies a very good blog. She is in Cairns. Judy GRudsell does a Sunday DNA post

GeniAus said...

Both are on the list.

Anne Young said...

I follow most of those. I also follow


GeniAus said...

Thanks Anne - will take a look.

Kerrie Anne Christian said...

thanks for sharing
I'm new to DNA too and am keen to learn from others - the DNA Facebook groups have been helpful
I have your blogs in my Feedly RSS reader and I often add extra blogs that you have mentioned into my Feedly RSS feeds
Kerrie Anne Christian

GeniAus said...

DNA is doing my head in KerrieAnne.


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