Thursday, May 25, 2017

101 Reasons to Attend #congress_2018 - Blogger Beads

Geneabloggers love their blogger beads. 

Blogger Beads
In a tradition started by Thomas MacEntee Geneabloggers at large and small Geneaconferences wear Mardi Gras style beads so that they can easily recognise each other.  At our last Congress in Canberra I sponsored  the blogger beads for those in attendance and will do so again in 2018.

Geneabloggers at Congress 2015
I need to draw up a list of those geneabloggers who will be attending Congress and wish to proudly wear the beads. I know that Alona Tester, Chez Leggatt, Janelle Collins, Jennifer Jones, Pauleen Cass, Shauna Hicks, Helen Smith, Lilian Magill and Judy Russell will be coming along so I'll be reserving some beads for them.  How about you?

Geneabloggers, please let me know if you are going to Congress and wish to wear beads by leaving your name and blog URL under the link to this post on the Genimates at #Congress_2018 Facebook Page. I will order and pick them up when in the US in October.

Closer to the Conference I will make arrangements for your beading.

STOP PRESS: Alona Tester of the Lonetester blog has been in contact with me. Alona has a stash of blogger beads that she has offered to supplement my small supply. So your blogger beads will be courtesy of Alona and Jill.


Shelley said...

I'm coming!

Caitie G said...


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Yes please. Thank you both!!

And I will have Bloggers Down Under ribbons.

Michelle Nichols said...

I am attending...I can recycle my old beads.

Kerrie Anne Christian said...

Yes please - I plan to attend and I am a Geneablogger at my Hicks wordpress site

Judy Webster said...

I'll be at Congress 2018 but I'll bring my blogger beads from a previous Congress. That will leave you with more for new bloggers. I have several genealogy blogs including UK/Australia Genealogy (, Queensland Genealogy ( and Updates Genie ( Each of those has links to my other blogs.

Lis Hannelly said...

Im not sure if this will work...but Lis Hannelly (Elisabeth) ....and I will be coming to my first Conference.... I have a fairly new Blog which I started in Nov 2016 called


Robbie said...

Hi Jill,
I’ll be there again and, like Judy and Michelle, I will recycle my beads from 2015.

My two genie blogs are and - however I must admit to not having done much writing whilst in the process of studying for the diploma from UTAS.




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