Friday, March 4, 2016

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 4 March 2016

I've spent quite a deal of time at home recently trying to fight off a chest bug (a lasting souvenir of my trip to Salt Lake City). The doctor's orders to rest have created an opportunity for me to spend plenty of time sitting at my computer reading up on blog posts and doing a spot of research.

I am looking forward to presenting a webinar as part of the Your Family History Online event for The Society of Australian Genealogists tomorrow. My topic is "Blogging for Genealogy" (I hear there are still spots for members).

As is my practice each week I'll open my my GAGs folder in Evernote and select some Gems to share.

1. I wish my convict ancestors had been as skilled as Francis.

6. I share so many of Carmel's posts because she is awesome.

7. Tina finds two people who were disinherited.

9. Having recently been to Durban I was interested to compare photos. BTW this is the only African geneablog I follow.

11. Bankstown president Lilian uses her President's page to connect with members.

A Real Gem
I need to mention GSV who do a fabulous job communicating with their members via their "next week at the GSV" series of posts. What a great service to members.

New to Me Blogs
Brady Family Tree Blog (from Western Australia)
Discover Genealogy (from Wayne in Canada)



crgalvin said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I'm sure it would be more useful if I spent more time on research than 'bright shiny objects' but it is fun. Great list from you once more, always something new to read.

Alex Daw said...

Thanks for the mention dear to have fun with the Unlock the Past mob today.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention from me too.

GeniAus said...

No need for thanks - I need to thank you all producing tantalising content.


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