Friday, March 25, 2016

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 21 March 2016

I'm dragging the chain with my post this week and it's all the fault of Paul, my genimate in San Diego. Paul posted a pedigree chart with a difference on Facebook. It was so popular that many genies around the world followed his lead and posted their charts on Facebook, Twitter and on their blogs.

I have spent too much time today looking at many of these charts and learning about my genimates' ancestry.

1. My first post from Kerryn shows her birthplace pedigree chart.

2. What a find! I wish I knew the identity of this blogger that I have followed for several years.

3. Diane discusses oral history.

4. Tony remembers a young geologist.

5. Sheilas explained.

6. The ethics of sharing from Denise.

7. New migrants meet old migrants.

8. Pauleen ponders her DNA.

9. This former librarian couldn't resist Susie's post.

10. Pretty postcards from SLQ.

11. Easter Traditions.

12. Sharon's following the alphabet. Are you?

New Blog
From my mate Hilary in Wales


crgalvin said...

Oops you may like to check link no 9 and delete this comment:))

GeniAus said...

Pleased I have observant readers, thanks Carmel. All better now.

Sharon said...

Thank you for the mention Jill :)

Alex Daw said...

A great selection as always.

Kerryn Taylor said...

Thanks also for the mention Jill. I too have thoroughly enjoyed reading others pedigree charts.


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