Friday, March 25, 2016

Unearthing Treasures

Some Sougenirs
I am supposed to be all moved in and organised in my new Geneaspace by tomorrow but I have been
distracted. Each cupboard, drawer or shelf I empty delivers some treasure that requires perusal.

Today I came across my small collection of pens, pencils and other novelties that I have collected at conferences and repositories. I've put the pens and pencils in a little container and deposited them on a shelf where they will gather dust. I can't throw them out because they remind me of how fortunate I have been to visit so many places and attend some extraordinary events.

As I was reminiscing with these writing instruments a word to describe them and the other things I collect from conferences and repositories just popped into my head.

These are some of my I'm must away and add the term to my Geneadictionary.

Do you collect Sougenirs?


Louis Kessler said...

Blogger beads. :-)

Alex Daw said... that is funny!! Yes, I guess I do collect them.


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