Thursday, March 31, 2016

Answer to a Facebook Message

I recently got this message in my Facebook stream:

"Hi Jill! Happy Easter!Have you done any blog posts or instructions about how to start a one name study? A man in Vic &  I have *Surname* from County Clare &  we're keen to start a study, but not sure where to start. Thanks".

Well, I have started a Surname study, CurryAus, but even though I am a beginner I have some ideas to share. I thought it would be easiest to do this in a video where I can share my screen so here goes.


Janelle Collins said...

Thanks for that Jill :)

So.....was your choice of ONS host price-based, or do all the ONS websites do basically the same thing as far as support?

Have you advertised the study in any magazines or any online methods?

Have you written to all the Curry names in the White Pages (for eg) to attract other family members who might have information?

What are you hoping to find out from other Curry family members? In my case I'd like to fill in some blanks back in Ireland, just before the Catholic records start.

Are you combining your ONS with any DNA testing?

Many thanks for your advice.

Alex Daw said...

Hi Jill - I really liked your idea of adding a list of Curry Places on your blog. Very helpful I think to other researchers to know where there ancestors are commemorated.

GeniAus said...

I've blogged answers to Janelle's questions here:

Thanks Janelle for continuing this conversation.

GenieJen said...

Very interesting, thanks Jill. I always wondered how you managed all the names and family links so that was particularly interesting. I also liked your list of sources.
thanks Jenni


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