Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Slowly does it

It seems like I have been moving into my new Geneachapel for weeks and I have. I have set Friday 25 March, the day before the family arrive for the Easter weekend, as the day I need to be set up. My old Geneacave must be clear for sleeping accommodation.

My recent bout of asthma took the wind out of my sails so I have been having a lazy time. I love working in my light-filled room with its view of our garden. As I was feeling better this week, with the help of Mr GeniAus, I moved another bookshelf into the room and partially filled another. I snapped a few pics of my progress.

There is more space than I anticipated, maybe I need a nice comfy reading chair.

Shelves to be stacked and files to be sorted
The Geneadesk
I can even tune into Geneaentertainment
The good news is that Paddy the pup, my Geneapet,  is enjoying the space too.


Barbara Poole said...

Oh, I have genea-envy. All those bookcases and space...I can only dream about ever having something like that.

Good luck with your project, take your time and enjoy every minute.

Sharon said...

Looks great Jill. I have plans to try and sort my library/office/craft room into a slightly more usable state over the Easter weekend, I just wish I had such a lovely space

GenieJen said...

Love your new space. It is so spacious and all those bookcases, mind you I've already filled 3 in my study so if there was any space left, I would add more. Enjoy!

GeniAus said...

I am fortunate but I still don't have a home for my seriously culled fiction collection.


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