Monday, March 7, 2016

Wonderful Webinar

It's spooky listening to a recording of oneself but this morning I took the plunge and listened to the webinar I presented on blogging for The Society of Australian Genealogists as part of the Your Family History Online event last Saturday. 

I needed to do this as I am presenting another webinar next weekend. This time for The Surname Society's Annual Online Conference and I wanted to evaluate my performance and work out where I might be able to make some improvements. The first thing that struck me is that I have a very casual presence and delivery but that's me, I am an amateur after all. I was pleased that I didn't use too many ums but I was a bit slow in places and had a few pauses that were a little long. I must improve on my flow but not speak too quickly.

What surprised me was my use of the word wonderful, I used it far too often so I must find an alternative superlative. Another word I used few times was absolutely, perhaps I should learn to say yes!

I did sound huskier and less confident than usual. I was concerned about getting through the session because I have been suffering from a chest infection and asthma for a couple of weeks. I was a little short on breath but I made it. A couple of times I had to cough and apologize but I don't think it came across as badly as what I felt during the session. This should not be an issue for my next webinar.

I had a tech hiccup at the start when I was endeavouring to show my screen but once I got that going it was plain sailing.

This was the first long webinar I have presented using the GotoWebinar platform. I have usually presented on the more interactive Google Hangouts on Air platform which I prefer. I find the GotoWebinar, as it was used on Saturday, is a very restrictive "chalk and talk" type of delivery. I prefer to have more intëraction with my audience, to be able to see them or to be able to have their comments come in as I am speaking. It doesn't bother me having the flow of my presentation interrupted to answer questions as they come up. I like to involve attendees n my presentations.

What I found encouraging and interesting was that many of the things I mentioned were also mentioned in presentations by the other speakers, Michelle Patient and Judy Keena. It was good to see we were singing from the same songsheet even though we didn't confer prior to the event.

I'd like to thank The Society of Australian Genealogists for inviting me to take part in their event on Saturday and Executive Officer, Heather Garnsey, for her kind words and moderation of my session.

I was delighted to be able to share my passion for Geneablogging with fellow family historians. I hope that one or two of those who listened might dip their toes into blogging waters.  A few people have already purchased Amy Coffin's ebook that I mentioned during my talk.  It was gratifying to read that one of the attendees, Lilian, has already taken on some of my blogging suggestions and is incorporating them in her blog. 

That is the sort of reward one hopes to have after presenting a session. 

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