Monday, March 7, 2016

Sitting by my desk....

...are a few books I have recently read and want to share with you.

I was interested to read, this morning, on Marty Playne's blog a review of one of these titles. Please read Marty's review as I agree with what he says. The book in question is an excellent example of non-boring family history writing.

I bought Lost Relations: fortunes of my family in Australia’s golden age by Professor Graeme Davison with a book voucher I received last year (Hint, Hint - that's the best kind of present - forces me to buy books.)

Thanks to Marty I don't need to pen a review I just need to say READ THE BOOK.

1 comment:

Dot Elder said...

Thank you Jill for this book review. I have had this very book sitting on my book shelf waiting to be read. Having now read the book review I am keen to read it especially as you describe it as an excellent example of a non-boring family history writing.


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