Monday, December 23, 2013


My mate FootnoteMaven has once again issued this call:

"Yes, Geneabloggers it's time for fM's favorite Christmas tradition. From the comfort of my blog, with Hot Toddy in hand, my flannel jammies and furry slippers on, I will blog my favorite Christmas Carol on Sunday, December 21. (I sing so much better online than in person!)

So my fellow GeneaBloggers, I challenge each of you to blog your favorite Christmas Carol - Blog Caroling. We'll all sing along! (Blog Caroling is posting the lyrics, youtube video, etc. of your favorite Christmas carol on your blog.)" 

This year I have selected a traditional Australian carol "The Three Drovers" (1948, Words by John Wheeler  and Music by William G James) performed by The Sydney Philharmonia Motet Choir. I love this carol because it relates to Christmas in our Australian environment and is set to beautiful, joyous music.


Across the plains one Christmas night
Three drovers riding blithe and gay,
Looked up and saw a starry light
More radiant than the Milky Way;
And on their hearts such wonder fell,
They sang with joy. 'Noel! Noel! Noel! Noel! Noel!'

The air was dry with summer heat,
And smoke was on the yellow moon;
But from the heavens, faint and sweet,
Came floating down a wond'rous turn;
And as they heard, they sang full well
Those drovers three. 'Noel! Noel! Noel! Noel! Noel!'

The black swans flew across the sky,
The wild dog called across the plain,
The starry lustre blazed on high,
Still echoed on the heavenly strain;
And still they sang, 'Noel! Noel!'
Those drovers three. 'Noel! Noel! Noel! Noel! Noel!'

Here are links to my  posts from previous years::



Denise Olson said...

A beautiful carol and photos. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas!

Liv said...

Absolutely beautiful Australian Carol. Thank you so much for sharing it with us this year.

Here's wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and upcoming New Year!

Nancy said...

How very, very beautiful. It is a completely new carol to me and I love it! Thanks so much for sharing it.

GeniAus said...

Yes it is beautiful, thanks for dropping by.


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