Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rootstech for Foreigners

Those who read my blog should know that my keyboarding skills are punk so I am always looking at new ways to share information and experiences and so it is with Rootstech.

Rootstech 2013
I won't be attending in person this year but, as an Official Blogger, will be observing and reporting from afar. Just recently two Australians have mentioned that they might be travelling to Salt Lake City for their first Rootstech Conference and they have asked for a bit of advice. Rather than just dish out my tips in an email and to save my typing fingers I am going to prepare a Hangout on Air in which I answer any questions those and other people might give me and share my experiences of travelling to Rootstech both by myself and with Mr Geniaus.

If you have any questions about Rootstech please let me know by the weekend and I will do a Hangout on Sunday or Monday. If you fancy joining me on air for this session then please let me know.


Elizabeth Lapointe said...

Hi, Jill,

How has RootsTech charged over the past two years. I get the impression (I have never attended), that they are getting away from family history and more into family stories. Is that your impression?

I am a regular visitor to your Google+ Hangout on Air, although I pop in later during the week on Ottawa, Canada time!

Keep up the good work, Jill, and say Hello to everyone in Australia for me. A lot of Canadians sailed down to the Australian Gold Rush, and made their fortune there instead of in California.


TravelGenee said...

Hi, I am interested in any suggestion, help or comments about the trip to the Library. I have booked and even though it is free and we are always told to prepare first any hints from experience would be appreciated. Thanks Fran @travelgenee

Carole Riley said...

Hi Jill I'm teaching a social media class and showing them how to leave a comment

GeniAus said...

Elizabeth and Travelgenee, I will try to address your comments in the Hangout on Rootstech. Thanks for commenting.

GeniAus said...

Sorry I wasn't around to respond to your comment Carole

M. Diane Rogers said...

Hi, Jill, I will watch the Hangout if I can. Not sure about my schedule. I was at Rootstech in person last year and am going again. Previously I 'attended' the on-line sessions. I was disappointed with the obvious trend away from Tech last year, and if that continues in 2014, I doubt I would attend again in person, but I would certainly try to follow on-line anything that sounded interesting.


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