Saturday, December 14, 2013

A New Role

I am thrilled to announce that, in addition to hosting my GeniAus Hangouts on Air, I will be working with Unlock the Past as a host/moderator on Unlock the Past Hangouts, a new venture in 2014.

I have been discussing this move with Alan Phillips from Gould Genealogy and Unlock the Past for quite some time. Alan has a long list of topics for the Unlock the Past Hangouts that promise to have something of interest for all family historians. I won't steal his thunder by sharing details of what he proposes but it is fantastic.

I will continue to host GeniAUS Hangouts on Air which differ in flavour from the UTP Hangouts. The GeniAUS Hangouts are more informal in nature and will complement the Unlock the Past program.

I am pleased to be partnering with a firm that gives so much to the Genealogy Community, many individuals attending live events have benefitted from the generous prizes and giveaways Gould Genealogy/Unlock the Past offer.

Alan Phillips is investing quite a deal of time and energy to provide these free Unlock the Past Hangouts to the genealogy community. These events will give people in remote areas of Australia and those who cannot attend genealogy conferences and events in person an opportunity to hear a range of speakers from Australia and abroad speak on a diverse range of topics. Unlock the Past is to be commended for providing this service that no family history society in Australia has yet attempted.

Hangouts on Air are video conferences that one can join as a panelist or watch live from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Those who watch live can ask questions of the panelists via the Unlock the Past Hangouts Community. To join the Community you will need a Google account  then go to this link and select Join.

Hangouts on Air are recorded and saved on Youtube so even if you are unable to watch a live event you can watch it at your leisure in your own time.

You are invited to join the Unlock the Past Hangouts Community.


Maria said...

Great initiative. Can't wait to be involved!

GeniAus said...

Maria, would love to hear about your podcasts during a hangout.


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