Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Team Effort - A Successful Hangout

Thanks to five kind souls who joined me in the GeniAUS Hangout on Air this morning I think we have pooled our experience to give some useful advice to Foreigneres and First timerw who are attending the 4th Rootstech Conference in Salt Lake City.

Hilary Gadsby from Wales, Jane Haldeman from Chicago, Illinois, Jenny Joyce from Sydney, Australia, Brenda Wheeler from Queensland, Australia and Russ Worthington from the US i appreciate the support you gave during this Hangout on Air.

I do apologise for saying umm so many times and for the instances when I did not have the camera on the person who was speaking. Perhaps I should learn to sit still and not laugh so much as well. I am learning a little more about the process each time I host a Hangout!

Those who wish to view the recording of the Hangout can do so via this link on Youtube: or you can watch the video embedded below. Please add any comments you may have about the Hangout to its Youtube page.

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