Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Accentuate the Positive 2013 Geneameme - Responses

The usual suspects (how I love you and the support you give to my endeavours) and a few newbies (thrilled to have you join in)  have responded to this 2013 Edition of the Accentuate the Positive Geneameme.

A theme that comes through in the meme responses is the generosity of genealogists, many of the positive things that happened during 2013 are as the result of ROAK (Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness.)

Thank you so much for taking time out from your festive frolics to reflect on your Geneayear.

Jill Ball  GeniAus
Fi Basile  Dance Skeletons
Pauleen Cass Family History across the Seas
Shelley Crawford  Twigs of Yore
Sherie Curran  The Genealogy Bug
Alex Daw  Family Tree Frog
Caitlin Gow  Genealogically Speaking
Rebel Hand  A Rebel Hand
Diane Hewson  Family Stories: Photographs and Memories
Shauna Hicks  Shauna Hicks History Enterprises
Vanessa Meachen  Finding Frederick
Sharon Muffett  Gathering Dust
NikiMarie  My people in History
Linda Ottery  Leafing through Linda's Tree
Alona Tester Lonetester HQ
Maureen Trotter  Exploring Family
Judy Webster Genealogy Leftovers
Sharn White  FamilyHistory4U
Kylie Willison  Kylie's Genes
Anne Young  Anne's Family History

And just in case you need an extra dose of Pollyanna positivity you could watch this GeniAUS Hangout on Air.


Jackie van Bergen said...

I think I will be very late, and respond when I get back home in the middle of January. my blog is a bit full of travel at the moment.
I've had some exciting finds and met a new cousin or two or five, so lots to be thankful for.
Sorry I'm not more timely this year.

GeniAus said...

You're excused, Jackie. Do you have a note from your Mum?

Alex Daw said...

Hi Jill

I look forward to reading these tomorrow. Mine is a bit late...sorry...couldn't believe how much I had to write. I thought I hadn't done very much !


Alona Tester said...

I would've participated again this year, except that I've done very little actual research. But rather than dwell on that, I put my own spin on it and focussed on the new things I achieved throughout the year => http://www.lonetester.com/2013/12/2013-a-year-of-firsts/.

Judy Webster said...

My response (better late than never?) is at http://genie-leftovers.blogspot.com.au/2014/01/genealogy-in-2013-accentuate-positive.html.


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