Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Society Website

I can't understand societies that pay little attention to their websites. In the 21st Century a group's website or blog provides the world with a window into a society and its activities and resources. A daggy, outdated and old-fashioned website gives the message that a group or its members are daggy, outdated and old-fashioned.

I was frustrated earlier this year when I tried to access the website of The Central Coast Family History Society to get details of their Family History Fair and found that it was down while a new site was being built. I was delighted this week to discover that their new website is up and running at

Home page of new CCFHS Website
Whilst there are a few things I would change (but that's personal opinion) a perusal of this site tells me that the Society is a vibrant group with a wide range of  activities for members and that it is actively publishing materials of local interest. 

The new website is an attractive showcase for the Society, Congratulations to The Central Coast Family History Society.

How does your Society's web presence measure up?


Laren said...

Jill, I'd love to hear what you would change? I'm currently working on developing our new website and would love to hear your comments on what makes a good website?

GeniAus said...

Michelle, I could hangout wiht you or pen a few thoughts in an email. Jill


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