Monday, December 30, 2013


My mate DearMYRTLE posted today that she was going AFK. Curious soul that I am I wondered what AFK was so I asked mt friend Google.

Urban Dictionary gave me an answer "Away From Keyboard." 

I  have been mostly AFK while indulging in Christmas activities: sleeping, shopping and most importantly spending time with the living. Now that the pots, pans and plates have been cleared away and sheets, towels and tablecloths washed I am once again ready to resume genealogical activities.

I had a short break from family last Friday evening when I hosted another GeniAUS Hangout on Air in which I was joined by several of my online friends.

Thanks to Chris Wright, Brenda Wheeler, Les Tobin, Fiona Tellesson, Linda Ottery, Lilian Magill, Karen Hughes and Pauleen Cass for coming online and sharing stories of your geneatriumphs from 2013. Thanaks also to those loyal supporters who watched the Hangout live online.Congratulations to first timers Linda and Karen on their Hangout debuts. I hope that I didn't frighten you away and that you will join me again.

The topic for this hangout was Happy Dances in which genealogists were asked to share stories of brickwalls knocked down, cousins found, events attended, places visited, resources discovered and your CGD (Continuing Genealogical Development) during the year.

With my happy hat on I also reissued the Accentuate the Positive Geneameme in which I asked genealogists to reflect on the good things that happened during the year. To date three of my geneablogging mates have responded and I hope that more (including me) will participate in the coming days. I will collate a list of responses to the geneameme shortly for your reading pleasure.

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