Monday, December 2, 2013

Where do you hide out?

A while ago I moved my genealogy operations from the smallest bedroom in our house to a larger room. Mr Geniaus thought that it might help me get organised.

Sadly there is still much work to do. While the desk and shelves are more organised and accessible and I can get to my filing cabinet I still have several boxes of travel ephemera and photos on the floor crying out for attention. The view of our garden and the sounds of birds chirping and squawking outside my window distract me from that mess on the floor.

Since I took these photos I have added a sheetfeed scanner, a large monitor and a new webcam to my setup. Is it time for a longer desk?

I have refrained from posting a photo of the wall that has my sewing machine and mending pile as I don't want to offend your eyes.

Where do you hide out while chasing ancestors?


Celia Lewis said...

Very nice, Jill. My large cherry-wood desk with a few drawers on the left side is in the southwest corner of the front room of my half-underground basement suite. My all-purpose scanner/copier sits above the drawers on the desk. And the desk itself is CLEAN - relatively. A few books, a few sheets of paper, a pad of paper, and several books. Tidy. My biggest job this year was to clear out and clear off my desk, and now accomplished, it's been heavenly to work on. Photos are being scanned each Sunday on ScanDay with Caroline Pointer - I have scanned over 80% of all documents and photos now, so most of them are being stored away in a dryish not-too-warm place, out of sight. A large south window and slightly smaller west window means I have lots of light and distraction all day long! :) There's no missing my passions however - writing and genealogy - on the computer, and I'm happy to be transparent about all this, with my friends and others who call. Makes for interesting conversations, I think! Cheers.

GeniAus said...

Oh Celia, you are a star.I wish my room was clean - it is a shambles

Kylie Willison said...

Where I do my genealogy is also my crafting work room and my grandson's playroom a real multipurpose area :-)

Alona Tester said...

My office is also a shambles, but at least I have a room for it. And I swear the room has shrunk since we moved in as it just doesn't seem to fit everything I need to anymore. ;-D

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I have my own study for family history but I wish I could say it was like Celia's. it seems every time I tidy, sort and file it takes about two days to get out of control again! Like Alona I think mine might be shrinking too, but at least I've mostly kep the grand kids away from the desk though they know where the stickers and magnifiers are :)


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