Sunday, December 1, 2013

Children's Birthday Parties

Have I been to some birthday parties in my time!  With eleven grandchildren I imagine that I will attend a few more in my day.

Although these celebrations can be noisy and chaotic I love them. I am privileged to be able to share in these festivities with my favourite troupe of little people. One of the recurring elements in all of these parties is the cake.

Today two of the children are having a shared party and last night my daughter posted a photo of he cake she created (without even a cake mix) to Facebook. She apparently borrowed the Australian Women's Weekly Children's Party Cake Book that I used to make several of my children's cakes so that she could create her masterpiece.

My daughter's creation - 2013
In a subsequent 'phone call she asked me to find the photo I had taken of a cake I made for one of her birthdays. I dutifully found it in my Picasa collection and posted it to Facebook.

My creation - 1988
What really touched me were a couple of comments she made on the Facebook cake post "Thanks Mum (Jill) I loved that cake xx" and ....."In 1988 I thought it was the best thing ever!"

Even though 25 years have passed it gives me goosebumps to realise that the effort I made in producing that cake was appreciated by my little girl.


Kim said...

It makes it all worthwhile doesn't it Jill, when you get a comment like that from one of your children. We wait years for them and when they come, we just start blubbering. x

Lizzie said...

It's only been 25 years, not 35! Thanks for sharing in our special day yesterday and I hope my girls remember my cakes as fondly as I remember yours ...

GeniAus said...

Oops, I'll edit that and magically take ten years off your age Lizzie.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Same cake and same book in our house too Jill though I think mine might have been more like your 35 years. I smile to see our daughters continuing the tradition. Glad the party and cake were hits!


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