Monday, October 14, 2013

A Feel Good Experience.

The most read post on my blog is one I wrote in 2011 "John Bertram Chatfield - Trans-Tasman ANZAC Day blog Challenge". I don't know why this is but maybe because it was about someone
My Grandmother, Ethel Jane Pusell
dear to my heart, my maternal grandmother and her first husband.

I was thrilled to receive an email from a Society today which in part said " I would like your permission to use your blog  (posted Monday Apr 22 re Anzac day challenge) for our members. The idea is to give reluctant writers a good story to read and discuss the format you used to write on John Bertram Chatfield as a guide for their own story. Last year some members attended a workshop on using the national library records to research their WW1 veteran and, I believe, some, including myself, need to write up their stories."

Of course I wrote back immediately, I am thrilled that something that I wrote might help others get involved in writing their family stories. 

It is so good to realise that my blogging efforts can help others.

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Unknown said...

I remember her as Mrs Duncan..........a wonderful woman!


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