Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bowled over

I am absolutely stunned and overwhelmed by the interest shown in my first Hangout on Air that is scheduled for 9 PM tomorrow night Sydney time. 35 people have indicated that they are coming to the event and 52 have responded with a Maybe. Ten people will be able to join me live in the (online) studio while everyone will be able to watch the video.

Initially I was just going to invite the people in my Australian Genealogists circle to the Hangout but then I thought why not invite the genealogists I know even though the scheduled time is not convenient for many of them. I am amazed that people are willing to get up in the predawn hours to join the Hangout. This interest demonstrates to me that there are many genealogists out there who are willing to try something new as long as there is some foolish person like me around to start the ball rolling.

Genealogists share an interest in people which is not limited to those who are 6 feet under; they are interested in what fellow researchers have to say and what they do. Hangouts on Air break down the barriers imposed by time and distance enabling us to communicate with peers across the world. This Hangout will give some researchers who have only met via social media a chance to chat with each other.

I am incredibly nervous about this venture so I am spending today doing some homework by reading Hangout guides online and watching videos on YouTube. I will be at my computer for the best part of today and am happy to have a practice with anyone who wants to play.

If you don't know what this Hangouts stuff is all about don't worry. You will be able to watch a YouTube video of the proceedings after the event. I will paste the link to that on this blog in the coming days.


Rosemary said...

Break a leg Jill.

GeniAus said...

Thanks Rosemary. I'll have to host one at a time when expats genealogists can join in.

Gen Innovations said...

Jill - Good luck. If I'm awake at 4am I'll be there even if just for a few minutes, excuse me in advance for the messy hair.

Today Google Plus announced many new hangout and photo features - perhaps they will be available in your hangout and you can give them a try.


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