Thursday, October 10, 2013

I've got a ticket to Ryde

The Bambino will be taking me on a ride to Ryde this Saturday where I will be presenting my Geneagoogling talk and sharing some strategies for more effective searching. My host will be The Family History Study Group at The Ryde District Historical Society.

I had been in contact with this group several months ago and a few weeks ago thought I should get started on my presentation. I fired up the computer and began tailoring my Geneablogging talk for Ryde. Something made me go back to Ryde's original email invitation where I found that I had been asked to talk on Geneagoogling. Oops, I'm so glad I found my error before I had done too much tweaking to my Geneablogging talk.

Geneagoogling is now ready to go and I look forward to sharing a few tips with the folk at Ryde

The group is housed in a beautiful historic building, Willandra, that is perched on a hillside with views over the Parramatta River and towards Sydney Harbour. For many years I drove past this building on the way to and from work and hoped that one day I would get to take a peek beyond its doors.

Genealogy has given me a Ticket to Ryde.

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Michelle Nichols said...

I have seen that building too. A nice compromise.
Michelle Ni hols


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