Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book of Me, Hangout on Air

 A month ago I wrote that I was ready to Hang Out, that is to take part in Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air. Since that time I have dabbled. I am particularly indebted to Julie Goucher of the Angler's Rest blog for being a playmate.

Brave soul that she is Julie, who is the instigator and author of The Book of Me, Written by You activity, decided to take the plunge and host her first Hangout on Air in which she would lead a discussion on the project. Together with Tessa Keough and Thomas MacEntee I joined Julie in her first Google Hangout on Air.

Thanks to Julie for including me and to Tessa for her encouragement and advice before, during anda fter the session. Unfortunately we lost Thomas part way through the session. A couple of potential panelists commented that they couldn't find or join the Hangout; Julie has already advertised another hangout and distributed instructions for joining so these issues should be addressed. I was nervous and found myself tongue-tied a couple of times during the session, I am impressed at how well Julie performed in her first Hngout on Air.

If you want to hear what we said about The Book of Me, Written by You activity take a look at the video of the Hangout.

1 comment:

Julie Goucher said...

It was great of you to join us and you did really well!

Brave or foolish.....the jury is still out on that one!


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