Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spreading the Word

Randy Seaver reminded us in his recent post that many genealogists are blissfully unaware of the geneablogging phenomenon.  In writing about his recent genealogy cruise Randy states
"Apparently, very few of the 170 or so genealogists and Legacy Family Tree software users have heard of Genea-Musings or of genealogy blogging in general.  This didn't really surprise me...I see it at genealogy society meetings and seminars too.  Many genealogists that use the Internet and use genealogy software do not read genealogy blogs." I share Randy's experience when I mingle in genealogy circles.

Of course this got me thinking. We geneablogging disciples love our blogs and we consistently share the reasons why in numerous blog posts on other social media but, if we wish to capture the interest of the genealogy community at large, we need to publish in the media that they read.

Randy Seaver and I meet up in The Family History Library pre Rootstech 2012

How long is it since you penned an article for a genealogy journal or a society newsletter expounding the virtues of geneablogging? Let's make a concerted effort to write something about geneablogging in some sort of print medium. We could make an offer in these articles
to talk to interested groups about geneablogging. I feel that I have done well if, after I give a talk to a group of 30-60 people, a few decide to follow some blogs and just one becomes a blogger.

As Randy says many people are interested to know what a blog is and why it would help them in their ancestor hunting. When I was teaching I believed in making use of the teachable moment, that is at the moment when someone expresses an interest. Let's make an effort to use those teachable moments when someone says "What is a blog?" to ask if they've got a few minutes and sit down and give a short demonstration and explanation on the spot.

How are you going to share the joys of geneablogging?


Louis Kessler said...

Good idea, Jill!

I'm giving a lecture this weekend to the Manitoba Genealogy Society on "Ideas and More Ideas for Your Genealogy Society".

I'll mention to them the idea that they should add a blog to their website, and should maybe monitor other blogs and post links to them on their website, in their blog or in their monthly snail-mail newsletter.


GeniAus said...

Great stuff, Louis.

Louis Kessler said...

In fact, this webpage will become a slide in my lecture. :-)

GeniAus said...

Thanks, Louis.

Alex Daw said...

Ooh've got me thinking...and that's got to be a good thing hasn't it?! :)

GeniAus said...

Alex, two of us thinking. That could be dangerous.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I have found it interesting how much resistance there is to genealogy blogging. Not everyone may want to blog, but it's hard to convince people what they might learn. We keep persevering with our message, though, don't we?


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