Friday, February 4, 2011

Follow Friday - Australian Familysites and Genealogy Blogs - Davis

@JudyQld in a tweet that I missed in December pointed out a new genealogy blog from Australia, Davis Genealogy Project. I didn't find the blog until recently and added it ot my RSS feeds. From perusing the blog I noticed that the blogger, Greg Davis, also had a family website, Davis McDougall Family .

Davis Genealogy Project
I am making these resources the subject of my Follow Friday post today. Greg relates on Davis McDougall Family that he had no knowledge of his family history beyond the names of his parents and siblings in 1997 when someone asked him his grandparents' names. He tells the story of his family realationships on the Main Page of his site.

Davis McDougall Family
Whilst Greg has elected to use Blogger for his blog he is hosting his family website on his own domain. The blog was born in May 2010 with the post:
"This is my new genealogy blog site where I plan to place questions and answers about members of the family I am researching. I hope you enjoy and get some value from my blog." Since that time Greg has written over 20 posts about his family.

Greg's Familysite has been published using Second Site about which I have blogged previously in FollowFriday posts at and . Second Site  produces a website from the author's TMG data.

Greg's website is clean and uncluttered and benefits from the features offered by using a program such as SecondSite. Both the blog and the website would benefit from crosslinks to each other. Curious visitors to either site would most likely click on a link to the sister site of it was available.

Site URL
Site Name Davis McDougall Family
Author Greg Davis
Contact Details
Email Link provided
Last Updated 31 May 2010 at 1:04:39 PM
Age of Site Established 2010
Software Used Second Site
Persons in
On a page outside of Second Site are listed 12305 families made up of 26780 people at 31/01/2011
Time Span 18th Century -
Index of
Surname Index and full list
Displayed on home page

Free access

Details of
Living Persons Supressed
Data Sourced Some

Photos/Documents Quite a number of photographs and narratives for some ancestors
Geodata No

Would benefit from a site search facility. Second Site are easy to navigate
Design Basic - clean and uncluttered

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