Saturday, February 19, 2011

Anywhere Anytime Genealogy

This afternoon I am presenting a talk at The Society of Australian Genealogists on Anywhere, Anytime Genealogy.

As I believe that evaluation is an important part of any process I want to give attendees an opportunity to let me know how they found this afternoon's presentation. I am hoping that some of them will use the comments section of this post to give me feedback.


Sharon said...

Hope it went well. When do you get time to get over jetlag?
I spoke here in Coffs today on Getting the most out of Google. Now back to my own research.

GeniAus said...

Went well as I imagine yours did. One of the ladies (there were no men) remembered me from ASLA days!
I'm doing something on Google in a few weeks at SAG.
Somehow I don't think the attendees will be giving feedbaack via the blog

Carole Riley said...

Thanks for posting the link on the Society's Facebook page. My only comment is that it's a bit harsh blaming the Society's projector for not displaying the site well when it has such a dark background. I don't think there are many rooms that could manage this. There is a reason why we stick to dark on a light background - it's easier for everyone to read in all situations.

I'm still waiting to find someone to sell me a Flip-Pal!

GeniAus said...

I apportion as much of the blame to myself as to the society's projector. Having done around 50 projector installations in classrooms and labs in my working life I understand the difficulties faced especially in rooms with high ceilngs.
I did however use a "Web safe colour scheme" from Dreamweaver that was designed to be easy to view.


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