Friday, February 11, 2011

Born in Australia

After Thomas MacEntee told me that presenter Jan Gow had been born in Australia I changed my options and went to her session, Create your own Family Reference Library and Catalogue. Jan has lived in New Zealand fro many years and is prominent in the genealogy community in that country.

This session, that was in a computer lab, started with a formal powerpoint presentation and was followed by a hands-on session in using the software, Treepad, that Jan uses  to organise her genealogy resources. 
Slide from Jan's Presentation

Other resources she suggested and demonstrated were ClipMate™ 7.3, irfanview, and Parish Locator.

Jan Gow and students


Judy Webster said...

I use Parish Locator too, and I am a huge fan of Treepad. I've been using the free version for may years, but after hearing Jan's talk on the cruise I decided to get the Plus version.

GeniAus said...

I really liked the Parish Locator but thought Treepad was a clunky 1990s piece of software. Woulk like to hear how you use it, why you are a fan.


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