Saturday, February 12, 2011

Digitally preserving your family heritage

In a blog post before the Rootstech conference Dick Eastman interviewed Barry Ewell. Dick passed on this information about Barry's talk "Digitally Preserving Your Family Heritage with Barry Ewell"

"In fact, for those who are unable to attend RootsTech in person, Barry has kindly offered to make his handouts and PowerPoint slides available after the conference to anyone who wishes them.

If you are unable to attend RootsTech but would like to receive Barry's PowerPoint slides and handouts, send an email after the conference to with the word "rootstech" in the subject line. Barry will reply with a URL where you can download the information. Please do not write until after the conference is over, however. That will be on February 13 or later."  

Australians, who could not attend Rootstech may wish to avail themselves of Barry's offer.


A O'Brien said...

Thanks Geniaus. Watched a little of this presentation online yesterday.

GeniAus said...

Thanks, Aillin. The conference is "Totally awesome"

Sharon said...

I must remember to do this. This is an area where I need a lit of help.


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