Thursday, February 3, 2011

Schedule a Free Photo Detective Session at RootsTech with Maureen Taylor!

Another reason to attend Rootstech!

FamilySearch will be hosting Maureen Taylor, photo detective, as a free service to registered RootsTech conference attendees, February 10-12, 2011. The photo detective services will be offered as part of the activities at the FamilySearch technology booth in the exhibit hall during the conference. Interested individuals can register online now for any available 10-minute session. There are limited sessions available. Don't delay! Register at, and figure out what historic family or mystery photo you want Maureen to interpret for you.

Registrants will have 10 minutes with Maureen during their scheduled time at the FamilySearch booth. It is recommended that you bring only one image or photo with you to the consultation. Be sure the photo you select fits one of the following criteria:

.       An original photograph in a protective covering to prevent damage during transport.
.       High-quality color photographic copy of both the front and back of the image to improve clarity.
.       High-resolution color scan (of at least 300 dpi) of both sides of the photograph.

For the past 10 years, Maureen has been providing in-depth analysis of historical photos, primarily for people who are researching their family histories. Maureen estimates that she's studied over 10,000 photos in the past decade, and the Wall Street Journal recently called her "the nation's foremost historical photo detective." Maureen has been interested in old family photos since she was a child. She has a graduate degree in history and has worked as a photo curator, genealogist, and writer. Combining all these interests as a photo identification and preservation expert, the focus of her work has centered on family photography, history and genealogy.

Maureen finds it extremely rewarding to be invited to play a part in piecing together the most important history of all-the story of your family! Don't miss this terrific opportunity during your RootsTech stay in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Watch Maureen solve cases at

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