Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where do you comment? A social media dilemma

Many people who use social networking tools now create a post on their blogs and then tweet the post's link. In addition to this they make an announcement about the post on their Facebook page. Some even do these three things on their personal accounts and then on corporate or society accounts.

It is not unusual to get the same message delivered six times. Oftentimes I want to make a comment on the content that has been shared because I believe that Blogging is a two-way street. What am I to do? Where do I respond? What is the etiquette in these situations?

I do not want to respond on several sites as I don't want to be seen as having commentarrhoea.

Where do other genealogists respond?


Bribie Family History Association said...

What an excellent question - I often feel the same & end up repeating myself all over. My preference for comments would be on my blog rather than say Facebook or Twitter but then more people probably see the last two rather than my blog. To me a blog is a more 'permanent' feature and more searchable, I think, by Google.

Sharon said...

I'd rather see comments on my blog also. The comment is then linked directly to the post.

Ramona said...

I like comments on my blog. Even though I do occasionally post to my facebook pages or twitter. I think it is of more use and interest to other readers.

Carole Riley said...

I agree that the best place to comment is the blog. That's where the content is, and everywhere else is just a link to it. Comments on the blog are visible to everyone who reads afterwards. Having said that I'm happy for comments wherever they are, and I often get them on Facebook instead.

Anonymous said...

It gets even worse when you are trying to provide customer support.

People ask questions on your blog, on your forum, on Twitter, on Facebook, through email, the phone, fax and direct contact. You have to answer and support them all.

The "marketing" answer to this is that everyone has their preferred mediums. Some people may not see the comment on your blog, but may read your Tweets. So unfortunately, we have to choose whether to satisfy them all, or choose the media and thus type of people who we are able to handle.

Maybe one day this will all converge again into a single info flow - at least we can hope.

Joan Miller (Luxegen) said...

Good question. I prefer to have the comments on my blog for all the reasons Carole mentions but appreciate feedback from any source.

One of the issues today is information overload. There has never been so much great content and value given away and freely shared as is happening today. The problem is keeping up with it all. I truly appreciate bloggers like Randy Seaver and others who do "Best of" posts. I also appreciate the content wikis that are appearing.

Keeping up with it all is a challenge.

GeniAus said...

Thanks, all for such valuable comments. I will wait a day or two and then try to summarise them into yet another blog post.

Judy Webster said...

I, too, prefer comments on the blog post. It keeps everything together in one place. Some readers use the email link on my blog to send a comment. Maybe they are shy about commenting in public. I can understand that. If their comment is a really helpful one, I will sometimes quote it (but without mentioning their full name) in a comment of my own.


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