Friday, February 11, 2011

Disappointed with Dell

On the shopping list for my trip to the US is a 7" Android tablet. After arriving in Salt Lake City I went to the local T-Mobile store to check them out, they had a Samsung Galaxy in the store..  The young guys there wer very helpful, I think they were amused by this foreign Granny who wanted a new techie toy. I asked them if there were any other tablet models coming to T-Mobile but they didn't know of any. I left them promising to ponder the purchase of the product.

Geniaus and the new Dell Streak Android Tablet
At the Rootstech Conference today I visited the Dell booth to discover that Dell have a new 4G Dell Streak Tablet on the market and it is to be sold through T-Mobile! I played for a while with the product and decided that I must have one. I have been a fan of Dell products for quite a while and thought that this device was just what I wanted. I asked the Dell rep on the booth cold he sell me one but he couldn't. I asked how could I purchase one and were there any retail outlets in SLC where I could do so. He advised that T-Mobile would be selling them but that I should get onto I went to the Dell website and phoned the number there. After dealing with a raft of automated prompts I got to speak to a real person who was very pleaseant.  He advised that if I ordered the item today Thursday) they could not even guarantee its arrival by Monday using their express service. He did give me his name and number and told him to get the Dell rep at the conference to talk to him about my issue.

I wandered back to the Dell booth where the rep's response showed a lack of interest, he appeared not to want to help me purchase the product. I was disappointed that a representative of a company that I have suported and admired for a number of years did not apply his problem-solving skills to my situation and at least display some empathy.

Why are Dell displaying the new product at a technology conference it their agent is not going to be proactive in getting the gadget into the hands of users?


Rosemary said...

I wouldn't rush into buying the Streak 7 from Dell. There is a review in the Wall Street Journal from Thursday, Feb 10th that is pretty mixed.

GeniAus said...

Thanks, Rosemary. Perhaps that's why he wasn't keen on rendering assistance.

my Heritage Happens said...

I am enjoying your posts from Roots Tech, and am curious how you will complete this mission!


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