Friday, December 9, 2016

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 9 December 2016

My week has been focused on the living family. We have celebrated a grandchild's birthday, watched two granddaughters perform in their ballet concert, attended speech days/presentations/prizegivings for six grandchildren and watched in pride as the children have made music and collected awards for their academic efforts. We have just one ballet concert and one presentation day next week and these events will become family history. I have been taking photos and diarising these events so that they will be kept alive for future generations.

In my downtime I have enjoyed reading blog posts from several corners of the earth. I have also penned our annual Christmas epistle - another means of preserving our family history.

1. Kudos to John Grenham for correcting his error.

2. Thanks Liz for introducing us to Cedric.

3. Ideas for the bibliophile's Christmas stocking.

4. Fleshing out the family story from Barb.

5. Jo counts down the days.

6. Which would you choose?

7. A new app to try.

8. Welcome home Shauna.

9. Helen's Heirloom.

10. Love being  a member of Alona's tribe.

11. Kerry knows why so many DNA matches are treeless.

12. Christmases past.

And this isn't a blog post but a story of a tree in which my friend Robert Marsh plays a part.

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Underneath the flight path

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