Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Eye Contact - A Rant

Here's another rant from 2015 that I found in my drafts folder.

The tables were turned on me recently when I spent a day on a trade table at a family history conference. I am usually one who wanders around looking at the displays on offer and chatting to the exhibitors.

I was surprised at how many people walked past our table with eyes downcast and therefore failed to make eye contact with we exhibitors. Mr GeniAus and I were representing a new family history group and didn't have much to offer except for a friendly smile and ears willing to listen to the stories of those who passed by.

I realise that many folk are shy and find it hard to chat with strangers but it also isn't easy sitting at a table all day watching people pass by.

When next you're at a geneaevent please spare a thought for those folk (often volunteers) who are at the event to share information and make connections with fellow genies.

A friendly smile or greeting might add to someone eles's enjoyment of the event.

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