Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Genetic Geneameme

Doing the rounds on Facebook is a Geneameme created by The Genetic Genealogist, Blaine Bettinger. Rather than posting a response on Facebook I am posting my response here.

If you are not on Facebook and would like to take part you too could copy the questions and paste them on your blog. Here is my contribution.

1. First person you DNA tested? Myself
2. What was your own first test? MtDNA and Autosomal

3. Year you took your first test? 2015 (although I had the kit at home since 2011) I was a sceptic - now converted.

4. What was your most recent test?

5. Have you done full mtDNA genome?

6. What is your mtDNA Haplogroup? K1a10a

7. Any exact mtDNA matches? Not yet

8. Max Y-DNA markers you/male relative tested? 37

9. What is your father’s Y-DNA Haplogroup? I wish I knew. Too late to test him

10. Any exact Y-DNA matches? 
Not yet

11. Tested at all of the Big 3 Companies? Just 2

12. Have you had a whole-genome test?  No

13. About how many tests do you control/administer? 4 (but I have 5 more in the wings)

14. Do you use GEDmatch? Yes

15. Favorite GEDmatch tool? The whole site

16. Were you able to test any of your parents? Yes, my Mum

17. Were you able to test any of your grandparents? Too late

18. Age of the oldest person you’ve tested? 93

19. Are you all done testing relatives? No way
20. If you could ask ANY one ancestor to test, living or dead, who would it be? All of the offspring of Elizabeth Phipps so I could determine their paternity and work out who my male ancestor is on that line.


Sharon said...

I hope by the end of the holidays to have worked out what some of these questions mean.

Shelley said...

Sounds like you are well and truly a DNA junkie now.

GeniAus said...

It's contagious Shelley.


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