Friday, October 7, 2016

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 7 October 2016

Here I am back again after a longer sabbatical than I had envisaged. I had a super European holiday during the Australian winter and returned home to be hit by a few health problems. Now that I can sit at my computer in a reasonable degree of comfort once more I thought it was time to bring GeniAus' Gems back to life.

During my absence I have read several hundred blog posts on my 'phone. I tried to keep up with the Australian Genealogy ones but I had to pass on many others I usually read. My blog writing also suffered during this period but thankfully I had scheduled a few posts here and on the Geneadictionary so I still maintained a presence.

Today I'm sharing a few posts I read during the past week. I trust you find something new here to whet your appetite.

1. Shelley has given her blog and website a new consistent look.

2. Lilian is taking time off from the Genealogy Expo in Adelaide to meet some of the locals.

3. A post for Legacy by my Canadian Genimate, Lorine.

4. I always enjoy Shauna's updates. Thanks for the Geneadictionary shoutout, Shauna.

5. Grandchildren, Gardening and Genealogy are Betty's interests. This post brightened my day.

6. Fairfield Library is publishing elected members' family histories.

7. Lois turns to Trove and adds to an ancesto's story.

8. Carmel uses school records to add to her family stories.

10. Thanks for taking up the challenge Fiona.

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Crissouli said...

Thanks for the Blogiversary mention, strange that Alona and I celebreated five years, with Alona just one day ahead of me. As They Were was my second blog...i seem to have added a few more since. Great to have you back, Jill.

Lois Willis said...

Thanks for the mention of my post.

crgalvin said...

Thanks for the mention Jill. Hope your health continues to improve.

GeniAus said...

Getting feedback makes it all worthwhile.


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