Friday, October 28, 2016

Win a Rootstech Registration

All of the Official Ambassadors for the Rootstech 2017 Conference have been given a Free Rootstech Pass to give away to one of their readers/followers/groupies. If they all Ambassadors participate there will be a lot of free passes on offer up to the cutoff  on November 30.

I must put my thinking cap on and devise a game of skill or chance so that I can also give my prize away. In the meantime I am noticing that several of my Genimates have posted details of thier competitions.

Ruby Baird has put details of her giveaway on her Instagram Account : her Instagram handle is @genealogyrambler. Her blog can be found here:

Randy Seaver has his on his blog at

Lara Diamond has also shared details of her giveaway on her blog here:

As I see more competitions appear I will try to share them on social media.

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