Sunday, October 16, 2016

Time for a Facelift

This old blog was looking a bit tired.

I had to play with the layout to update to my Rootstech Ambassador Badge and my Gold Rockstar 2016 badge so the blog's appearance has been on my mind. My 7th Blogiversary is just around the corner so it's time for change.

When writing a post earlier today I used the image below and thought that it would make a nice header so I went over to Canva, imported the image and played around. See the result of my playing above.

I've had a few green leafy headers, some white and blue ones and some featuring my tribe of grandchildren but I've never featured myself. I loved the colours of the ocean in this photo from Waimea Bay so I thought I'd give it a go. The image tones in nicely with the Rootstech Ambassador Badge too. Of course I included my avatar drawn by my now 15 year old granddaughter when she was just six, I have to include that as it is my brand.

To maintain consistency I may have to change my Facebook and other Social Media headers too.

I'm pleased with my facelift.


TravelGenee said...

You are great at doing these changes. You look like your were having fun. The thought of having to change Facebook, google, twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest too puts me off. Mind you Canva makes life easier with the preset template sizes.

Celia Lewis said...

I like it, Jill! Yes, things get tired-looking after a while, don't they? Keep on having fun!!

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Looking good..and the fun aspect suits your personality too :)

GeniAus said...

I haven't felt like a fun person lately. This new look is a big boost.

Sharon said...

Love your new look!


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