Friday, October 21, 2016

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 21 October 2016

I had my grandparent's hat on today at one of the granddaughter's schools so this GeniAus' Gems is an evening edition.

Mr GeniAus is interviewed today at Grandparents' Day
It feels like I have read and saved lots of beaut blog posts to Evernote this week and, although I could share them all with you, I like to restrict my list to no more than a baker's dozen. My tough task for the next half hour or so is to cull my saved list. I reiterate that this list is subjective and reflects what strikes a chord with me.

5. Because I have family in Eastwood.

6. For my mates who are bibliophiles.

7. Help needed by one of the quirky blogs I follow.

8. On keeping a diary - from Patsy.

10. Do you use this phrase?

New to Me Blogs

 Gordon Family History


Alona Tester said...

Thanks for the mention Jill. And once again you've got a great batch of posts there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my request for recipes.
Another interesting list that takes me away from writing my own posts.

GeniAus said...

No probs Fran - I look forward to your posts. You actually spurred me on - I have selected photos for one challenge topic - may even try a second. I won't leave it until the last minute like last year.

Alex Daw said...

Some really interesting blogs this week Jill. Thanks as always.


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