Thursday, October 6, 2016

More booty from National Family History Month

Loved seeing this in my inbox this morning. It certainly pays the enter The NFHM competitions.

Last year I blogged about winning the prize of 5 Birth, Death or Marriage Images  from The Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages in National Family History Month. I was absolutely bowled over when I won the same prize this year as I got so much geneavalue from the prizes I won last year.

Prior to August I was chatting to Mr GeniAus about one of our Queensland branches and saying that I'd really like to order a few more Queensland records. Now I can't remember which certificates I wanted. 

I'm donning my thinking cap and searching through the Queenslanders on my database.  In the meantime I thank The Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages for their support of  National Family History Month.

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