Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Smooth Spin

It's six years since I blogged my excitement about the arrival of my new Bambino and reminisced about the cars I had owned.

I enjoyed driving my little car which was great for fitting into tight spaces. It was fun peeling the roof back and the wind whistle through my hair.The small motor didn't have much oomph and the back seat was getting cramped for grandchildren some of whom are taller than me. I decided that it was time for a slightly larger and more powerful repalcement.letting

I ordered a new car at the beginning of August and it was duly delivered a couple of weeks later while I was in hospital. Mr GeniAus had to collect it from the dealer for me and bring it home. I finally got a ride when Mr GeniAus drove me home when I was discharged. Since then I have insisted that whenever I had to go out that we take my car so it had done 500km awithout me getting behind the wheel.

My doctors have given me permission to drive so last week we took the new car to the Motor Registry and transferred my personalised number plates from the Bambino.

Plates are on the new car now
I was nervous about taking it out on the road as it seems to have as many controls and buttons as a jumbo jet. I just took the plunge and took it for a spin around the garden (we live on five acres). I adjusted the seat and mirrors, practised going backwards and forwards and learnt where the main controls are. I had already mastered the GPS and Bluetooth while I was a passenger.

It was such a smooth ride. I'm going driving the new JIL11B when I hit the road tomorrow. It may become my new favourite.

Have you written about the cars you have owned?


Crissouli said...

Hard to let go of the old at times, but... when a new one takes over... wow! Have a great time ... I have written a few times about the cars I've owned.. but just for family. Believe me, I've driven some bombs along the way...others, it's been heartbreaking to let go.

jennyalogy said...

What kind of car is it?

GeniAus said...

A German one.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Have fun with your new love :)


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