Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Elsie

Every so often I take a look at the Dates and Anniversaries page on my family website.

Today ia a bumper day for birthdays. Among those who celebrate/d their  birthdays on January 31 are Clarence George Magick and 8 living persons including my mother and her younger sister.

We celebrated my Mum's 88th birthday with a lunch at my home on Saturday where five of  her great-grandchildren helped her extinguish the candles on her cake. She had a wonderful day in the company of her nieces, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and families.

For her birthday I am publishing a photo of Mum and her mother, Ethel Jane Pusell. The earliest photo  I have of Mum was taken on the verandah of their new house on Elsinore Station near Cobar NSW in 1923.

Try as I do I cannot get Mum to feign an interest in family history, she believes that I should not be trying to dig up family skeletons.  Oh, how I wish that I could retrieve some of the family information she has stored away in that head of hers!

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