Monday, January 17, 2011

Ancestor Approved Award

A nice surprise I received over the weekend in a comment on my blog was that I had been nominated for the Ancestor Approved Award by Pauleen from Family history across the seas.
This award has been doing the rounds since March, 2010 and has finally made its way to Australia.

Thanks, Pauleen, for the nomination and thanks also for nominating some of my favourite blogs from dowununder. I will copy her list here in case some of my readers would like to take a look at some of the fab writing that is produced in Australia.
The Award was created by Leslie Ann Ballou At Ancestors Live Here and asks two things of those who receive it:
Recipients should:
  • Write 10 surprising, humbling, or enlightening aspects of their research;
  • Pass the Award on to 10 other researchers whose family history blogs are doing their ancestors proud.
Having to select just 10 surprising aspects of my research is a challenge as, on a daily basis, I am surprised, humbled or enllightened. I have a shonky memory so the ten things I select today would probably be different from ten I would chhose tomorrow. Here goes:

1. I am regularly suprised by the feedback I get from my family website and the  generosity of strangers who share details of their family lines that enlighten me.

2. I have been enlightened by the snippets of information I have found on Trove relating to members of my family. Since reading about my ancestor, Dennis Tierney, in newspaper articles I know more about him. He enjoyed a wager anad a tipple but was an outstanding Catholic citizen who took an active interest in his hometown, Dungog. He was a man of many talents who built The School of Arts, a number of local schools and was an undertaker in the town.

3.  I have been enlightened when hearing talks by Dr Perry McIntyre who has an incerdible depth of knowledge about the Irish in Australia in the 19th century.

4.  I was surprised to discover that James Ball had been married twice when we found his grave in Rochdale, Lancs.

5. I was humbled when I visited a family home in Ballyfoyle, Kilkenny, Ireland. The two elderly distant cousins in residence gave us a grand welcome and wanted to crack open their best Irish whisky.  Sitting in the humble home in which Patrick and Katherine Kealy raised their nine children was a humbling experience.

6. I was excited as I watched my husband and his cousin unwrap a clock made by their ancestor in Scotland over 150 years ago. It had taken us years to find a clock and it was wonderful welcoming it to Australia and into the hands of a descendant of the clockmaker.

7. I have been an inactive member of The Society of Australian Genealogists who has started to attend  meetings and talks. I am humbled by the efforts of the many volunteers who support this organization in so many ways.

8.  I am surprised to find that the most popular post on my blog has been Australian Vital Records on Ancestry.

9. I am humbled to be one of a stellar lineup of Official Bloggers for the Rootstech Conference.

10. Reading an interview of my ancestor, Patrick Curry, conducted by Caroline Chisholm sent shivers down my spine. It was surprising, humbling and enlightening to see the words spoken by my ancestor transcribed.

On whom shall I bestow my nominations? I am tempted to second some of Pauleen's nominations but will refrain.  I am nominating some Aussie blogs and some from across the seas that I enjoy or wish to encourage.

1. Genealogy in New South Wales - Carole Riley.
2. The Wandering Genealogist - John Gasson
3. Michelle's Heritage
4. TMG Sydney
5. Winging it - Alex in New Zealand
6. Wishful Linking Family History Blog - Maria Northcote
7. Moonee Valley Family and Local History Blog
8. Orange Family History Group
9. Yarra Plenty Genealogy
10. Fanning Family History and Research - Kathleen Fanning 


    Anonymous said...

    Very pleased to see your post -lots of insights. How thrilling that Chisholm-Curry interview must have been to hear! Also couldn't agree more about Perry.

    Hope the Rootstech conference is fabulous fun! Look forward to hearing the news from it.

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you for including me in your list. What a lovely surprise. My blog is very new, although plumping up quickly with the postaday challenge. Really kind of you to include me - thanks again!!

    Carole Riley said...

    Thanks for nominating two of my blogs Jill! And you can no longer call yourself an inactive member of SAG now that you are on the speaker roster!

    Infolass said...

    Thanks Jill for nominating Yarra Plenty Genealogy. Although first intended as a blog for our local library community (along with Yarra Plenty Local History it has been terrific to see them both being followed by a much broader community. Of course why should I be surprised when it comes to family history! The blogs will eventaully transfer to our new website at once RSS feeds can be established - this nomination has encouraged me to post better posts more frequently. Your blog certainly inspires me in that regard. Keep the flag flying for Aussies using web 2.0 for genealogy! Regards, Liz @Infolass on Twitter

    Judy Webster said...

    Your blog is one of my favourites, but as it has received the Ancestor Approved Award, I did not nominate it again. However I did sneak a link into my post at Genealogy Leftovers!

    Moonee Valley Library Service said...

    Thank you for the award it is very encouraging to receive recognition for the Moonee Valley Library Service blog. It is great to be included with like-minded people and hopefully more exposure for family and local history in the Moonee Valley area, which is increasely growing in popularity; the research at times is extremely rewarding and a continual learning experience, thanks again, Robyn

    Anonymous said...

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