Friday, January 28, 2011

The Genealogist's Google Toolbox has arrived

Less than two weeks ago I blogged about some books written about Google. Within a week of ordering Lisa Louise Cooke's new book, The Genealogist's Google Toolbox, from Lulu it arrived at my home in Sydney, Australia.  As it was posted not from the United States but from Melbourne I am surmising that it was printed and bound in Australia. The ordering process was simple and I received email updates on the progress of my order.

There are 202 pages in this A4 softcover book. It has a table of contents and index, essential elements in a non-fiction publication. Find it quick - The "How To" Index provides readers with another means of accessing content.

The 18 chapters cover a number of the most popular Google applications  with a disproportionate coverage of Google Earth. There are only 11 pages devoted to Gmail and over 50 devoted to Google Earth.

The articles are clearly written and illustrated with many appropriate screenshots and examples. The pages are uncluttered with plenty of white space.

As a confident and competent Google user I did not learn much from this work, this is not a criticism of the book but a comment that the book is not particularly useful to me. The book would be a handy ready reference for genealogists who are unfamiliar with the Google stable of applications. It would also be useful as a workbook in a beginner's How to Google course.


Alison said...

I heard you mentioned on the genealogy gems podcast - Not being an Aussie, Lisa seemed to be unsure of your name Geniaus, the significance of which is obvious to me.
Good to know who you see will find the book most useful.

GeniAus said...

Thanks, Alison. I'll have to find and listen to the podcast.
Pleased you left a comment because I have now found your blog.

Judy Webster said...

How would you rate this book compared to Dan LYNCH's Google Your Family Tree?

GeniAus said...

Just came across your comment now Judy.Dan'so book is now outdated I believe Lisa has published an updated edition.


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