Friday, January 14, 2011

11 things you should know about blogging

As an opinionated blogger I sometimes give tips to other bloggers, these come, not from a textbook, but are my personal thoughts on what elements may enhance a blog.  I also picked up some valuable ideas from Steven Lewis when he gave a seminar at Mosman Library last year.

Today educator,  Richard Byrne, posted "11 Things you should know about blogging" on his education blog."  As I concur with each of these  I am posting a summary here. Please go to Richard's blog to read the full article.

The list is not just relevant to education but is valuable for genealogy bloggers and bloggers in any field. Hopefully, by highlighting the list here, I will help Richard reach a broader audience and help my fellow geneabloggers.

1. Remember you're writing for an audience.

2. Identify a niche for your blog and write for that niche.

3. Read other blogs, but don't copy another blog.

4. Post consistently.

5. Write original material.

6. Link to other bloggers.

7. Set up Google Alerts.

8. Network.

9. Choose a nice blog design.

10. Don't stress-out over fluctuations in statistics.

11. You've got to keep on blogging.

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