Saturday, January 1, 2011

A bunch of Twits

So often other bloggers give me an idea for a blogging topic. This morning's post from Carole Riley on Carole's Canvas encouraged me to take a look at my top Twitter followers of 200 according to

Following is the cloud it produced of my Top 200 followers.

  • @dc_socialmedia
  • @taneya
  • @geniaus
  • @chrismpaton
  • @ausgenjourneys
  • @caroleriley
  • @marianpl
  • @lorinems
  • @efgen
  • @kedlestonderby
  • @judyqld
  • @rosemarymorgan
  • @heatherhdoherty
  • @anmmuseum
  • @unlockthepast
  • @aishadtaylor
  • @dnaconsultants
  • @design_cyclone
  • @australianews1
  • @geneabloggers
  • @rakopittke
  • @recordswiki
  • @twigsofyore
  • @bobbyfamilytree
  • @footnotemaven
  • @srnsw
  • @tamurajones
  • @auspost
  • @judexjones
  • @infolass
  • @sootybear09
  • @genebrarian
  • @hicksshauna
  • @geneasue
  • @mosmanlibrary
  • @steelygreen
  • @petahopkins
  • @nswgenealogy
  • @archergen
  • @tstclairhoney
  • @can001
  • @insidehistory
  • @gouldgenealogy
  • @steelyqueen
  • @familytreefolk
  • @historiancathyd
  • @kerrieanne
  • @tuffsy50
  • @lcafricana
  • @sharre
  • @wychwoodnz
  • @familystories
  • @hrworth
  • @tmgsydney
  • @jkguin
  • @frmlittleacorns
  • @partnersngrime
  • @troveaustralia
  • @yeagerhood
  • @qwitterz
  • @sharnwhite
  • @socaustgen
  • @tonyvalkov
  • @luxegen
  • @savingstories
  • @myheritage
  • @rootstelevision
Carole indicated that the followers listed on the tweet produced and tweeted via this option "This site gives you the option of tweeting a list of your top followers from this list" does not "correspond to the top followers on the list. "  I just had to  check this out and see if the tweet it produced of my top followers was similarly flawed.....and it is.

Geniaus' Top Followers in 2010 are: @historiancathyd @insidehistory @rakopittke @myheritage @sharnwhite.

The cynic in me put it down to "Lies, damned lies, and statistics" however I think it is probably as a result of human error. Whoever has done the programming for this tool has probably just made a  simple mistake that has produced flawed results.

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Shelley Crawford said...

The app posts the correct list automatically (should ask permission first if you ask me). There is a separate button to tweet not results but a notice to your other followers to try it, although the wording is the same. If you look at your twitter timeline you'll see you have two tweets.


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