Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My first FamilySearch Bloginar

I had promised, in an earlier post, to tell you about this morning's event (Sydney time) but why reinvent the wheel? On my train journey this morning after the bloginar I read Amy Coffin's wonderful summary of the event so I am directing you to her post for the content of the bloginar/webinar.

As it was my first FamilySearch webinar I got up bright and early to make sure tht my connection worked and it did. Paul Nata from Familysearch, in his email last week, had given instructions on how to test the bloginar site, I downloaded the software that I needed and the site confirmed that I was ready to connect when needed.

When I logged on this morning here were around half a dozen others logged in and during the bloginar the numbers went up to 89. Although I was able to watch the bloginar and join in the chat I could not get the audio to work, a problem shared by other users. The solution was to phone in for audio to a 1800 number but that was in the US. Randy Seaver used the chat module to give me another number to try. Scared of  racking a hefty phone bill (it's expensive from Aus) I decided to try logging in on a second computer but I was unable to get sund on that either.

The content of the slides shown was most interesting especially those about the Rootstech Conference I am attending in three weeks.  I look forward to hearing and rewatching the bloginar that is to be posted shortly on The FamilySearch Wiki.

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Amy Coffin said...

Thank you for referring your readers to my post. I hope they find it helpful!


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